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Our work

Clients hire us to build amazing products and services. We always start by understanding their business first. We workshop. We prototype. We ship working software. We learn and we iterate. We collaborate very closely throughout the entire project.

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Our Team

Siyelo was founded in 2008. We care about quality, building the right thing, and crafting remarkable web applications. We love open source software and giving back to the community.

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Our Community

Siyelo is very passionate about supporting and giving back to the community. We sponsor and host events, we love contributing to open source just as much we enjoy using open source. If you are looking for sponsorship for a local event, get in touch with us, maybe we can help!

Our offices

Siyelo works remotely, both with our clients, and within our own team. Our virtual office is built around tools like PivotalTracker, FlowDock, Sqwiggle, ScreenHero and GitHub.

Sometimes we spend-time in the third-dimension at our Cape Town or Skopje offices. If you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to stop by for a coffee and a lesson in table tennis.