Clinton Health Access Innitiative Helping the third world

A great initiative ...

CHAI was charged with the important task of improve health systems and technology in Rwanda. These tools were important in managing AIDS, Malaria and logistical efforts in-country. Their development team were producing some great applications, but they needed some design and front-end expertise to make them more user-friendly.

… with an interface to match

Through constant collaboration and feedback we created designs that presented the application data in meaningful ways to the healthcare decision-makers. We supported several iterations of user-testing, prototyping heavily with Balsamiq to optimize workflows, reports and overall UX.

Not only were we responsible for the designs, we also helped implement them. With their development team having chosen a Java-based framework that we were relatively unfamiliar with, we were nonetheless able rapidly integrate using our expertise with JS/HAML/SASS/CSS3.

What’s more, we collaborated entirely remotely on this project, using great tools like Google Docs, Github, Dropbox, PivotalTracker and Skype.