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A project on the brink

Cooco had outsourced the development of their social networking platform and their project was in dire straits. Not only was it several months late, but it was full of defects, and unfit for a public beta release. Tied into a fixed-price engagement, there was little they could do to control the deteriorating situation.


Cooco originally approached Siyelo to help salvage something from the project and secure future funding rounds. We gave an honest assessment and soon after the Cooco team decided to pivot, focusing on just the e-commerce aspects of the platform. Thus the idea for EoS as a standalone product was born. With a tight budget and a large problem space, we helped Cooco understand the risks and tradeoffs associated with different approaches to developing their product. Siyelo's iteration-based pricing model gave Cooco the ability to quickly see their idea in action and the flexibility to adjust the vision along the way. With just a handful of man-weeks of design & development, some concise and well-tested Ruby on Rails code, and a lot of incredible collaboration we launched EoS in-time for the next round of funding.