Mad Mimi Simple and Beautiful email marketing

Successful in a competitive industry

MadMimi operates in the competitive email marketing space and it is a well-established brand, sending out millions of emails daily. With a relatively small team of top developers who were focused on keeping the core platform running, MadMimi needed to boost their capacity, and accelerate the development of new initiatives including some major usability and design improvements.

A foundation for the future

We played key roles in the design and development of several new initiatives, including improved email statistics, optimization for tablets/mobiles, and building the BigCommerce and Etsy add-ons. We also helped improve the email templates that client's use to do their mail-outs, optimizing them for a wide range of mobile devices.

Facing a large legacy Ruby on Rails code base, we were still able to rapidly, and carefully, build out well-tested features, collaborating entirely remotely the entire time. Our skills with Ruby, Javascript, Responsive Design and API design were certainly put to good use.